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Every sunday I sit here and do homework while listening to Jimi King host his weekly smooth jazz show on the sky.fm internet-radio station.

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Holy shit did I ever lose a lot of blood.

Before you ask, no. I was not in a fight.

For some reason my nose started bleeding really hard yesterday and didn't stop for the duration of the entire night. I think I lost around 2 coffee cups of blood. . .

This morning I got up and tried walking around but got dizzy really easily. Now I'm all light headed.

What the fuck happend?

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Holy crap!

Talk about putting on the sprints. Tim and I have been hitting the track like nonstop for the past little while. I am hoping to remain as fit as possible in the climbing offseason (ie. while I am taking classes). :)

I even ran 6k in 28 mins give or take (though I've ran 5k in 23:44 before). That may not sound so impressive but it feels pretty good for a short dude. The dude that I go running with is about a full foot taller than me. Just the fact that I can keep up with him gives me the strength to go on. Yatta!

Ideas: Everyone thinks they're so trendy by biking to school through the snow. Here's what I say to that: Boo-urns. I'm not quite willing to risk my life with something as every-day as biking. I'd much rather risk it on a cliff ha ha ha. Srsly tho, I'm going to start RUNNING TO SCHOOL. That's 8km of running daily. The caveat? I am going to start when snow is off the ground. I don't even like driving in the wintertime. . . frig.

What else is new? I applied for a few summer jobs but don't really care if I get them or not. After coming back from O-town, I'm pretty set financially. If I end up spending the summer relaxing and taking a few classes, then hey--that's alright by me.

Here's a quick mental note for myself:
Need to endure a maximum time of 50 second laps at the PAC track for about 12 laps in order to do the 2400m run in less than 10 min. Try to maintain a 55 second lap for around 20 more laps after the initial 12. Stretch daily, specifically calves and hamstrings even when not in use.

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I've been pretty busy as of late, what with school and everything, but there's more to it than that.

I've been wondering whether or not I want to try triathlon ever since I saw this triathlon ad in the campus rec book. I like biking. I like swimming but suck at it. And I really like running. In fact, I've been doing a 10k run every week with around 2 or 3 6k runs a week with a buddy of mine.

I think I'll just stick to the running in the meantime.

Haven't really gone climbing as much. Shoulder is still in a state of constantly clicking. It's quite a disgusting noise really.

Break is almost over. I go do more homework now.

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Thank you Ms Environmentalist for squeezing out that crunchy shit right onto my day. Thanks to you, I am now no longer welcome with your group of people on campus.

Why why WHY do so many environmentalists refuse to look at both sides of the picture? As an engineer, it's pretty freaking hard work trying to satisfy both sides of the equation. . . while I AM FOR ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, I am also a scientist, meaning that it's my job to examine the issue. As an engineer, it's my job to understand the ENTIRE situation.

Environmentalists don't think--they rant. They rant at you and they rant about you. They jump down your throat and stay there until you choke to death, at which point they shit down your throat.

Summary--you're not open minded--you're only closing everyone else's mind. Maybe you should play quietly while the big people work on the real solution.

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I kind of ruined my new year's eve plans by getting sick. I went to the gym for like 2.5 hours yesterday and another 1.5 today with little sleep and not enough fluid. I now am shaking and shivering due to this fever.

. . . but don't let that stop you from enjoying your evening :)