elektron_push (elektron_push) wrote,


Thank you Ms Environmentalist for squeezing out that crunchy shit right onto my day. Thanks to you, I am now no longer welcome with your group of people on campus.

Why why WHY do so many environmentalists refuse to look at both sides of the picture? As an engineer, it's pretty freaking hard work trying to satisfy both sides of the equation. . . while I AM FOR ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, I am also a scientist, meaning that it's my job to examine the issue. As an engineer, it's my job to understand the ENTIRE situation.

Environmentalists don't think--they rant. They rant at you and they rant about you. They jump down your throat and stay there until you choke to death, at which point they shit down your throat.

Summary--you're not open minded--you're only closing everyone else's mind. Maybe you should play quietly while the big people work on the real solution.

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