elektron_push (elektron_push) wrote,

Holy crap!

Talk about putting on the sprints. Tim and I have been hitting the track like nonstop for the past little while. I am hoping to remain as fit as possible in the climbing offseason (ie. while I am taking classes). :)

I even ran 6k in 28 mins give or take (though I've ran 5k in 23:44 before). That may not sound so impressive but it feels pretty good for a short dude. The dude that I go running with is about a full foot taller than me. Just the fact that I can keep up with him gives me the strength to go on. Yatta!

Ideas: Everyone thinks they're so trendy by biking to school through the snow. Here's what I say to that: Boo-urns. I'm not quite willing to risk my life with something as every-day as biking. I'd much rather risk it on a cliff ha ha ha. Srsly tho, I'm going to start RUNNING TO SCHOOL. That's 8km of running daily. The caveat? I am going to start when snow is off the ground. I don't even like driving in the wintertime. . . frig.

What else is new? I applied for a few summer jobs but don't really care if I get them or not. After coming back from O-town, I'm pretty set financially. If I end up spending the summer relaxing and taking a few classes, then hey--that's alright by me.

Here's a quick mental note for myself:
Need to endure a maximum time of 50 second laps at the PAC track for about 12 laps in order to do the 2400m run in less than 10 min. Try to maintain a 55 second lap for around 20 more laps after the initial 12. Stretch daily, specifically calves and hamstrings even when not in use.

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